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FCTA, established just over three decades ago, is an importer and marketer of specialist high performance adhesives, industrial lubricants, sealants and epoxies.

We are the authorised representative in Sri Lanka for Loctite, Beardow Adams, Permatex, Devcon, FOVAC, Ambersil, Power Adhesives, Siroflex, CRC, Hylomar, Servisol, Spanjaard, JB Weld and iBiotec amongst others.

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First City Trades & Agencies,
4/12, 4th Floor, Liberty Plaza 250,
R.A. De Mel Mawatha
Colombo 03, Sri Lanka
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+94 11 257 4251/5654
+94 11 256 5000 (9:30 - 18:30)


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